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Palanker Posts Pics of Accuser and Brother – MiniBullet#23 DECEMBER 25 2005 — Wow. If I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes, I wouldn’t have believed it. Louise Palanker reportedly is a “family friend” to the Arvizo family – the family who leveled what the jury found to be false allegations against Michael Jackson. Called “weezy” by those who are apparently close to her, she posted pictures of the Arvizo boys, Gavin Arvizo and Star Arvizo, on her web blog. I will not link to her ridiculous site so as not to increase her traffic from here. To the right, you will find a screenshot of her web blog about that entry. However, this does present a problem of hypocrisy. There was a minor brouhaha about a satirical website posting photos of Gavin Arvizo. According to the website, they were only posting photos which were already available publicly. And, according to an unconfirmed article in the New York Post, the FBI was supposedly opening an investigation to look into why the satirical website was allegedly invading their privacy and posting photos of the accuser. The tabloid claimed to have had a conversation with defeated prosecutor Ron Zonen as well who, they say, blamed both Jackson and his fans for it. Now, it seems as if rumored “invasion of privacy” allegations hold about as much weight as the false molestation allegations. All of this is premised on the allegations made in the New York Post being true. If the New York Post is to be believed – and in my opinion they very rarely should be – why wouldn’t the FBI also be investigating why she is posting photographs of the accuser on her website? Where the hypocrisy comes in is that if this shady NY Post article is correct, some entity is upset at the satirical website for posting photos of the accuser. However, that entity has no basis for being upset because even Palanker has posted more than one of the family’s formerly-private photos on her web blog. If the NY Post was just blowing smoke out of their figurative asses, it still wouldn’t make any sense that this family would allow private photos to be posted of them on someone’s website. Remember, this is the same family who has reprotedly filed an invasion of privacy claim against the Los Angeles Dept. of Child and Family Services through Larry Feldman when someone leaked that devastating DCFS memo; the memo where they clear Jackson of any alleged “molestation” back on Feb 20 2003. _Can You Remember…__ You may remember Palanker’s name because she testified at the Jackson trial. She said that she gave the Arvizos $20,000. When confronted by previous derogatory statements she was caught making to police about the Arvizos and Jamie Masada on the stand, court observers have said she unsuccessfully tried to explain-away those previous statements. Palanker is the one who called the mother “bipolar” and Jamie Masada a “pathological liar” in those previous interviews. You may remember that report during the trial:

MIKE TAIBBI: …On cross-examination, some interesting things happened. As always does with a very effective cross-examination — this is due process at work. Jackson’s chief attorney Tom Mesereau got her to admit that in a conversation with sheriff’s investigators, which she did not know was being recorded, she said a lot of other different things. She said for example, about the family — the accuser’s family : “This family can be as whacky as they want to be. They always were kind of strange.” And about the mother whom she defended in her direct testimony as never asking for money, never being a problem, she said of the mother: “[She] is unbalanced. I think she is totally bipolar. And the behavior of the children were so over the top all of the time.” (see Abrams Report: Mike Taibbi Rpt about Louise Palanker testimony (March 22 2005))

This was in stark contrast to what she apparently tried to sell the jury under prosecution questioning. Here is yet another report detailing some of her testimony at the time:

SAVANNAH GUTHRIE: …Well now she’s on cross-examination and we’re hearing about some of the statements that she made to police initially. Some of which were she said to the cops that this family is ‘as wacky as they want to be’. She told the police officers that the mother was bipolar; completely unstable. She made a statement to police evidently that she thought the family was teaching the kids to lie. When asked about that statement, she said ‘well, no, I think I was referring to somebody else who thought that’. She tried to backtrack on that. (see Court TV: Guthrie Rpt. about Palanker (March 22 2005))

Some observers have said that she may have tried to backtrack on the stand because the family befriended her before her testimony. To add fire to that suspicion, another witness — the paralegal to whom the mother admitted she defrauded J.C. Penney — testified that the mother tried to befriend her (Mary Holzer) when Holzer’s name came up as a possible defense witness. It didn’t work with Holzer, but did it work with Palanker? Could the prior statements from Palanker, and her backtracking on the stand, have anything to do with the family befriending her before her testimony? Who knows. But by most accounts, it is particularly odd that Palanker would post photos of the accuser and his brother on her web blog. -MJEOL

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