Sony’s Lack Taken out of CEO Position

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[b]Sony spyware boss ‘promoted’ [/b] p2p news / p2pnet: Following Sony BMG’s SunnComm/First 4r Internet spyware DRM disaster, ex-Sony BMG ceo Andy Lack has been moved to a position where he can’t do any more damage. He’s been ‘promoted’ [read fired]. He’s now the new chairman of the BMG board with the ex-chairman, Rolf Schmidt-Holtz, taking his place as ceo. “The swap, announced Friday and effective immediately, follows months of criticism of Lack’s tenure as CEO, including investor discontent over spiraling fees paid to artists and a scandal over copy protection software in Sony CDs,” says the Associated Press. Schmidt-Holtz was BMG’s chief executive from 2001 until the merger in mid-2004 and has been chairman of the merged company’s board since then, says the story, adding: “He will relocate to New York and will take up oversight of Sony BMG’s theatrical film business.” There’s no news as to whether or not Lack’s presence at Mashboxx, Sony’s oft promised by as yet unseen answer to p2p, has been, or will be, similarly curtailed. Ex-Sony Music boss Robert Summer currently runs iMesh, with Lack hovering in the background. Source:

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