Jermaine Jackson Releases Statement through Attorney Re: Stacy Brown allegations

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Jermaine Jackson Responds To Alleged False Allegations Regarding New Jackson Family Book

Statement from attorney Vicki Roberts regarding alleged false allegations purportedly made by former collaborator Stacy Brown in the New York Daily News concerning Jermaine Jackson’s upcoming book about the Jackson Family:

<blockquote>Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) March 16, 2006 — "Mr. Jackson contends that the proposal for the book does not state what Mr. Brown now allegedly claims it states. While his motives are unknown, Mr. Brown’s alleged false and malicious fabrications about the proposal or the alleged use of a doctored, false, and unauthorized proposal serve only to expose him to potential liability for making untrue statements.

Regardless of Mr. Brown’s alleged attempts to sabotage the sale of the manuscript, Jermaine Jackson looks forward to the future publication of his book, which is an exciting and fascinating chronicle of the Jackson family saga."

— Vicki Roberts, Attorney for Jermaine Jackson

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