DJ Whoo Kid Spends An Evening In Bahrain — ‘Chillin’ ‘ With Michael Jackson

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[b]DJ Whoo Kid Spends An Evening In Bahrain — ‘Chillin’ ‘ With Michael Jackson[/b] If DJ Whoo Kid could pull off a collaboration between 50 Cent and the deceased Notorious B.I.G. and Tupac, why couldn’t he unite 50 and Michael Jackson on wax? According to the DJ, who just spent several hours with the King of Pop in Bahrain, it’s a very real possibility. Whoo Kid just came back from spending some time in the Persian Gulf nation with its ruler, Sheikh Abdullah bin Hamad Al-Khalifa, the Sheikh’s son, John Legend, model Tyson Beckford and Jackson. Whoo Kid said he and Mike became so tight on the trip that he’s trying to orchestrate a collaboration between 50 and M.J. “I [saw] Michael Jackson sitting by the pool sippin’ lemonade,” Whoo Kid recalled of the beginning of his day with the royal family and others in Bahrain. “They didn’t tell me he was going to be there — I didn’t even expect Michael to be in the country. So I’m like ‘F—ing Michael Jackson is here, sippin’ lemonade!’ “I said ‘What’s up?’ to him and acted like I wasn’t groupie-sized. I gave him respect for all the sh– he did, but in my head I was going crazy. He said, ‘I’m just chillin’ ‘ — he actually said ‘chillin!’ F—ed my head up, so I walked away from him. Everybody gave him his respectful space.” Whoo Kid said he originally connected with Bahrain’s royal family after he was recommended to DJ their parties by mutual contacts, including the Prince of Monaco and Seif Khadafy, son of Libyan dictator Moammar (“They’re huge G-Unit fans,” the DJ said). During his trip, Whoo Kid also found himself invited to dinner with the Sheik, Legend and Jackson. Apparently people were giving Jackson too much space at dinner — there was an empty seat next to him, which other guests were evidently too intimidated to fill. Finally Jackson, who’d laughed at some of Whoo Kid’s jokes earlier in the day, called the DJ over to sit with him. “Mike was like, ‘Whoo Kid, come sit over here,’ the DJ said in a high-pitched voice, mimicking the King of Pop. “I was like poinng! He was supposed to be there for like 45 minutes; he stayed for five hours. We was talking about Eminem. He was like, ‘Is Eminem really retired?’ I forgot that Eminem totally cremated him one video [‘Lose It’], but [Michael] didn’t even bring it up. Then he started talking about 50.” Whoo Kid said that Jackson expressed some interest not only in working with 50 but also Kanye West on a new album. Whoo Kid arranged a phone conversation between Fif and M.J. a while later. As for the dinner itself, Whoo Kid said he was acting as a dietary and fashion consultant to Jackson. “They had a whole lamb they brought to the table and Mike was eating some weird vegetables,” Whoo Kid said. “I told Mike, ‘You better get up on some of this lamb.’ I said, ‘Let me get some of this lamb ass.’ The Sheikh was dying [laughing] because I kept saying ‘lamb ass.’ “You can’t talk to Mike all fluffy like everyone does,” he continued. “I got him to curse — he said sh–. I told him he needs to cut his a hair, get some million-dollar earrings, get a million-dollar watch and take all them spaceship clothes off. He said, ‘I have to change my whole outlook.’ He said he was trying to work out.” When his schedule permits, Whoo Kid says he plans to go back to Bahrain and hopefully record with Jackson for one of his mixtapes — a 50/ Michael Jackson collaboration is tops on his wish list. In the meantime, Whoo Kid has a slew of mixtapes dropping soon: There’s one with Freeway coming (the Prince is said to be making an appearance on that one), Lloyd Banks, 50 Cent and new CDs from Mase and Mobb Deep. Whoo Kid said the next job he wants is to be musical ambassador of Bahrain. Source: [url=][/url]

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