King of Pop has dinner with Bahraini family

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[b]King of Pop has dinner with Bahraini family[/b] By Habib Toumi, Bureau Chief Manama: An offer by Michael Jackson to buy a Bahraini businessman’s house ended up with the ‘King of Pop’ sharing dinner with his family and making new friends but not buying the prized property, sources on Sunday told Gulf News. “Michael was being chauffeured in the Saar area when he spotted a house he liked. He did not hesitate to call on the family and ask them if they were willing to sell their house. “The family, astonished by the unexpected appearance of the superstar and amused by the offer, told him the house was not for sale, but that he was welcome to share their dinner.” The sources said Jackson’s visit lasted about four hours. Jackson, who has lived in Bahrain since June following his acquittal on child molestation charges in California wants to settle permanently in the kingdom. He is staying in a large villa but wants to buy a mansion. “He is in much better shape now and has been going out more. Last week, he visited several malls in Manama,” the sources said. The 47-year-old star watched the Bahrain Grand Prix on March 12 from the VIP tower and was quoted as saying that he liked the race, the first he has ever seen live in his life. His sister La Toya on Saturday said: “He is doing really well and he is happy with where he is.” She also confirmed he did not intend to return to his fantasy Californian estate Neverland. Source:

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