Lawyer defends underdogs in trials of known, unknown UPDATE

[b]Lawyer defends underdogs in trials of known, unknown[/b] Sunday, April 16, 2006 ERIC VELASCO News staff writer Reputation vs. reality Mesereau’s reputation as a celebrity lawyer began in 2001 when he helped persuade prosecutors not to charge boxer and convicted rapist Mike Tyson after another rape accusation. Mesereau also defended actor Robert Blake in pretrial hearings in his murder case, pulling off the rare feat of getting bail in a capital case. But it was Jackson’s trial that splashed Mesereau’s face daily all over the international media. Jackson fans chattered on the Web about the lawyer they dubbed “Mez.” One set up a Tom Mesereau Fan Club site, while another offered do-your-own “T-Mez” dolls.

Gossip Writer Probed in Extortion Plot

[b]Gossip Writer Probed in Extortion Plot[/b] By Associated Press NEW YORK — A gossip writer for the New York Post has been suspended pending the outcome of a federal investigation into whether he tried to extort money from billionaire financier Ron Burkle, the newspaper said Thursday. Jared Paul Stern, who worked as a freelancer for the newspaper’s Page Six column, is suspected of demanding $100,000 and an annual $10,000 stipend from Burkle in exchange for not writing negative stories about him, the Post said in a story on its Web site. Stern sometimes worked two days a week at the Post, its editor-in-chief, Col Allen, said in a statement. “Should the allegations prove true, Mr. Stern’s conduct would be morally and journalistically reprehensible, a gross abuse of privilege, and in violation of the New York Post’s standards and ethics,” Allen said in the statement. A spokeswoman for the Post, part of News Corp., declined to elaborate on the newspaper’s report. FBI spokeswoman Christine Monaco declined to comment.

Latest Dreams from the DREAMS forum

[b]Latest dreams posted by community members in the DREAMS forum:[/b] Can someone interpret my dreams? -Annique Dream about God/an angel -whisper Dreams about dead people and your childhood -danaluvsmj dream i speak in -minnie yu My recurring “running late” dreams -Caroline

Oh, So NOW You Miss Michael Jackson? What the $@#%? – MB#305

Oh, So NOW You Miss Michael Jackson? What the $@#%? – MB#305 APRIL 1 2006 – Michael Jackson has hopefully cleaned house by temporarily closing his California home to everybody-and-their-mama. What does this mean to those who had previously called for its closure, and who are now opining both about its and Jackson’s importance? This has became an issue with me after talking to certain people over the course of months about Jackson-related issues like the Hurricane Katrina single and the decision to close Neverland. It has come to my attention that whether they admit it to themselves or not, they miss Michael Jackson; a position made clearer to me after Jackson announced that he was closing Neverland Ranch.