Is media STILL in denial about Jackson trial?

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Just as I suspected, the media — particularly those who were pro-prosecution– STILL appear to be in denial about the trial. There were at least 2 mentions today on MSNBC about this being the 1 year anniversary of Jackson’s acquittal. And both times they didn’t talk about the trial at all, but rather focused on Mike in his pajamas or standing on top of the SUV. Susan Filan (prosecutor) subbed for Dan Abrams. She and hack Diane Dimond-friend Jim Moret, mentioned every piece of gutter/garbage reporting about Michael Jackson since the trial ended. I just find this both pathetic and disturbing. They refuse to accept the acquittal and instead of reviewing the trial, they repeat every piece of bull$hit rumor they can get their hands on with the name Jackson attatched to it. Is the media STILL, over a year later, in denial about the Jackson trial? Does it physically hurt them to talk about the devastating evidence the DEFENSE team presented in court about the accusing family and the prosecution? Or are they simply remembering the case the way it WASN’T, instead of the way it was? What do you think? Share you comments about it here:

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