Michael Jackson to visit UK for World Music Awards

[b]Michael Jackson to make rare public appearance at World Music Awards in London[/b] The Associated Press Published: October 29, 2006 Pop star Michael Jackson is to make his first public appearance in the UK in nine years, it has been announced today. The King of Pop is to receive an award at the World Music Awards in London next month. Singer will receive the Diamond Award – recognising artists who sell over 100 million albums – for his contribution to the music industry at the star-studded annual show at the Earl’s Court Arena on November 15. Jackson’s last UK public appearance was as part of the HIStory tour in 1997. This year marks the 25th anniversary of his seminal album Thriller, which has sold over 40 million copies across the world.

Access Hollywood 2nd teaser!

Access Hollywood showed another teaser advertising their interview with MJ which is set to air Nov 2 2006. Downloads: [url=https://site2.mjeol.com/modules/mydownloads/visit.php?cid=21&lid=627]MJEOL Download link[/url] Offsite links: [url=http://download.yousendit.com/95ABA9BB7EEC02DA]yousendit.com link[/url] Here are a few screenshots: [gallery]22[/gallery] (click for larger view)

‘Liar’ Ernie Rizzo Dead at 64

Ernie Rizzo played a part in spreading countless lies about Michael Jackson in relation to the 1993 allegation.

‘Not the typical private investigator’ Chicagoan who worked for stars dies at 64 October 24, 2006 BY FRANK MAIN Crime Reporter His license plate said “I SPY.” His business card bore the black silhouette of a sleuth in a fedora.

And his investigations involved a who’s who of People magazine personalities — Michael Jordan, Hugh Hefner, Michael Jackson and Yoko Ono to name a few.

Flamboyant, toupee-topped Ernie Rizzo was one of the most public of America’s private eyes, appearing regularly on national news shows to expound on the big crime of the moment.

‘Nutjob Nancy’ Whining about Jackson…Again – MB#319

‘Nutjob Nancy’ Whining about Jackson…Again – MB#319 [gallery title="Nancy disGrace Oct 17 2006"]5[/gallery] Oct 17 2006 – Flipping through the channels on a television can sometimes be bad for keeping your food down. This warning particularly applies if you happen to flip to Headline news just in time to hear Nancy disGrace’s whining about whether or not Michael Jackson “bought” his own children. Jackson related news gets my attention most times. Maybe this is what disGrace was counting on to increase her ratings the night of Oct 17. ‘DisGrace’ asked the question about whether Jackson purchased children he’s been raising since birth from Debbie Rowe. Of course anybody with sense knows that it is illegal to purchase children. Further, had there even been the slightest perception or hint of evidence of Jackson buying children, both the Santa Barbara DA’s office and the media would have been all over it during the 2005 trial. After all, Jackson’s entire life was put on trial during that time.

Billy Bush (Access Hollywood) Meets Michael Jackson

Access Hollywood Billy’s Blog: Michael Jackson Exclusive (October 15, 2006) [gallery]4[/gallery] [i]Click for larger view[/i] It’s half past four in the morning and I’m making my way to Dublin with Ray. I have spent a fair amount of time in the back of Ray’s car in the last 34 hours. He is the driver, henchman for Paddy who owns the recording studio in the middle of no man’s land, Ireland. Not only is it a quaint studio built inside the grounds of an old stone classic Irish estate…it’s the new creative home of Michael Jackson. And yes, I just conducted the first interview with Michael Jackson since he left the United States in June 2005. First off, let me tell you what this interview is not: It is not a bare all, rehashing of that period of his life. I was prepared to ask him all the questions in the world regarding mistakes made and lessons learned, but trust me, he was not. He asked if 5 minutes of rolling tape was ok in the studio while he “collaborated” with Will I AM from the Black Eyed Peas. Ultimately, We rolled for about 40 minutes and I did ask him questions about music and his thoughts for making a comeback.

Raymone Bain: Keeper of the Famed

[i]By Teresa Wiltz Washington Post Staff Writer Sunday, October 8, 2006; Page D01[/i] [b]A Veteran Player in Politics, Sports and Entertainment, Publicist Raymone Bain Is at the Top of Her Game. Is She Up to Managing Michael Jackson?[/b] Michael Jackson is going to call — from wherever he happens to be at the moment, which is a bit of a mystery. He’s going to talk about Raymone Bain, the Washington publicist who has just become his general manager. But no . . . he’s not going to call. A personal assistant delivers this news on a patched-in transcontinental phone line. Jackson would rather converse through a different type of technological apparatus — one that doesn’t require actually speaking. Jackson wants to talk by fax. But no . . . the fax machine is broken. So two days later, Jackson’s assistant e-mails his answers to questions posed to him by The Washington Post. Questions about why he’s decided to put Bain — a woman who’d been mysteriously fired and then rehired in the midst of Jackson’s 2005 child abuse trial– in charge of his new company.