At The Movies With Michael Jackson

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[b]At The Movies With Michael Jackson[/b] Posted Jan 4th 2007 1:00PM by Robin Leach Having moved into his new gated Spanish-styled Vegas mega-mansion (seen above) pop-singer Michael Jackson is trying to settle into the normal life we locals lead here. Except, when Michael goes to the movies, he’s got to take at least four burly bodyguards with him!! My pal, gossip guru Norm Clarke reports that “the gloved one’ went to my local neighborhood Brenden Theaters at the Palms movie theater to watch the Matt Damon CIA spy-thriller ‘The Good Shepherd,’ which I’d thoroughly enjoyed two nights earlier in the same spot. No word as to whether he buys tickets for all four of his security staff or they wait outside while he watched the near 3 hour flick. [img][/img] Earlier, Michael had jetted in from Augusta where he’d spoken at the funeral tribute to singer James Brown. Jackson, who is rumored to be negotiating a gig on the Strip, returned to the same theater the next night to watch Mel Gibson’s ‘Apocalypto,’ even paying for his own ticket. He just missed Mario Lopez (‘Dancing with the Stars’), who took in the last show of ‘Night at the Museum’ in IMAX, and pop-star Pink, with stunt man husband Cary Hart, who were there for Will Smith’s ‘The Pursuit of Happyness’ the day after New Year’s. It was almost celebrity box-office gridlock! Source: Vegas

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