ATTENTION: Raymone Bain says there are no MJ Online Representatives

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[b]DATE: [/b]Jan 5 2007 [b]TO:[/b] Attention to all members of MJEOL [b]FROM:[/b] Admin of MJEOL [b]STATEMENT RE: [/b]Allegations about “MJ Online Representatives” There was someone who registered at the [url=]MJEOL forums[/url] under the username ‘MJPR’ claiming to be an online representative for Michael Jackson. Information about such actions has gotten back to Raymone Bain. The word from Bain is that there are [b]no[/b] authorized online representatives for Michael Jackson, and no one has been given authority to post at various MJ-related forums on his behalf. As the Admin here, I think that whoever took it upon themselves to perpetrate this fraud upon MJEOL or any other community has behaved in a shameful and pathetic way. Specifically in relation to “[url=]Sharon B. Sidney[/url]” who posted under the username ‘MJPR’ as well, the word from Raymone Bain through official persons who have direct contact with her say:

[i]”Sharon is not in any way shape or form representing Michael, his Team, and was not asked to monitor fan boards or conversations etc. She does not have anything to do with Michael Jackson or his team in any Official, Unofficial PR online/offline capacity.”[/i]

Raymone Bain is now aware of those who are pretending to be online representatives. You do not want to draw her wrath, so you damn well better stop this ridiculous mess. Other MJ-related forums and communities should take note and be on the look-out for such claims. For more information about what caused this statement to be released, please see the following topic: :nav [url=]Attention everyone…[/url] -MJEOL

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