Chris Brown counts Jackson, Brown as biggest influences

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[b]Chris Brown Interview, Stomp the Yard[/b] … [b]Q:[/b] Who is your main inspiration, in terms of dancing? And, were you influenced, at all, by James Brown? [b]CHRIS BROWN:[/b] James Brown was definitely one of my influences because Michael Jackson was influenced by James Brown. Michael Jackson would be my creator. I would say he’s my creator because, without him, I wouldn’t be dancing or singing. When I was two or three years old, I was watching everything [he did]. I knew the whole routines when I was younger. So, I was like, “Okay, that’s who I want to be like.” So then, when I actually got my chance to do it, I just went for it. I still portray myself, and try to do my own style, but at the same time, I’m influenced by him. And, James Brown was another one that paved the way first. Source:

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