Statement Re: Pharmacy Lawsuit – Raymone Bain

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As if we needed more proof that Jackson’s bills weren’t getting paid by the accountants who were in charge of handling his finances, word came today that a lawsuit was filed against Jackson resulting from such neglect. Almost as quickly, a statement came from Jackson’s team confirming that the issue has already been resolved. :nav [url=]Discuss this topic here[/url]

[b]RESPONSE TO LAWSUIT FILED BY G&J GROSS, INC. DBA MIKEY FINE PHARMACY AGAINST MICHAEL JACKSON[/b] Washington, D.C. ….. Regarding your inquiries about an action filed by G & J Gross, Inc., DBA Mikey Fine Pharmacy against Michael Jackson: the issue has been amicably resolved. Mikey Fine Pharmacy has been paid. This action related to the administration of Mr. Jackson’s finances, which has been transitioned away from Mr. Jackson’s former business managers. On December 22, 2006, Mr. Jackson filed a lawsuit against his former business managers, Bernstein, Fox, Whitman, Goldman and Sloan, LLP. ### Raymone K. Bain

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