Michael Jackson thanks fans through MJJForum

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The second news story tonight out of MJJFORUM involves the King of Pop, Michael Jackson, placing very important calls to MJJFORUM president Trish Brown and Paul Akinbanjo from MJNO thanking them for their support. According to news posted at their websites, the superstar wanted everyone to know how much he appreciates and loves his fans. He shared with them that he is working on “wonderful new things” for the future. The pair also let him know how excited the fan community is to hear from him and how much he is adored. From MJJF:

Paul Akinbanjo and Patricia Brown (of MJNO and MJJF) received separate phone calls from Michael Jackson tonight. From Paul & Trish: Michael is in Vegas at the moment, and wanted to let everyone know how much he appreciates, and loves you all, and wanted to say that he’s working on “wonderful new things”, and that a lot of things are being put into place for his new company. We let him know how excited everyone is, and how much you all love him. In response to a comment Paul made about how everyone loves the pizza he sends down to fans waiting outside his hotels, Michael said, “Aww, I always feel so bad, they’re standing out there like that. So I say, ‘Let’s get everyone pizza!'” And to Trish, “Please tell the fans that I love them, and to hold on and not lose faith. I love them with all my heart.” Michael thanked us for doing what we do, and stated, “Thank you for keeping the legacy alive. Thank you from me and the family!” We spoke with him for quite a while, each, but will not divulge the contents of those personal conversations. Michael apologises for what happened with the MJWMA Fan Party, but we ask that you please not ask about that at this time, as this is an issue in the process of finally being resolved.

Source: http://www.mjjforum.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=82702&st=0 We’re discussing this too: Message from the King of Pop, to his fans :yay

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