Setting the Record Straight About Michael Jackson and ‘American Idol’

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[b]Setting the Record Straight About Michael Jackson and ‘American Idol'[/b] Posted Feb 16th 2007 11:50AM by Robin Leach Filed under: Celebrity, Luxe Life, Breaking News New York newspapers this morning are reporting that Michael Jackson left it too late to get front-row celebrity seats for Sunday’s All-Star NBA game. Michael hasn’t confirmed the story, but we can tell you that court side on Sunday you will see singers Christina Aguilera, Jay-Z, Nelly and actors Penny Marshall, Jack Nicholson and Adam Sandler. Michael Jackson and Simon Fuller apparently not talking about While on the subject of Michael, I must set the record straight. Reality TV Magazine totally misquoted and mis-represented my recent LUXE LIFE Michael Jackson story about his dinner with ‘American Idol’ creator Simon Fuller. Then Access Hollywood went one step further, without checking the truth with me of their meeting. Their reports of Michael appearing on American Idol were promptly denied by Michael’s publicity lady and branded my story as “inaccurate.” As a result, reports all over the Internet this morning are swarming that Michael won’t appear on a specially-themed ‘American Idol’ episode as I had allegedly written here at LUXE LIFE. For the record, I never ever reported that Michael was being wooed by Simon to appear on ‘American Idol.’ I never even wrote a hint of that! I accurately reported and photographed the meeting between the two men as “we have several ideas we are exploring. We have many balls in the air and we’ll see which one is the best for everybody.” Access Hollywood and Reality TV Magazine, and as a result various other news services, reported I said Michael would appear on ‘American Idol’ — and that has now been denied. I never ever said it in the first place! In a stretch of limits for even online-tabloid sites, it was Reality TV Magazine that in fact admitted they “exclusively put all the clues together and is predicting that a Michael Jackson theme week and appearance is in the works for ‘American Idol.'” LUXE LIFE is not sure how clues can be pieced together exclusively, but reporting predictions as facts will exclusively lead to false rumors. Source:

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