UPDATE: Rolling Stone’s Hateful Jab at Jackson is Pathetic – MiniBullet #29

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Rolling Stone’s Hateful Jab at Jackson is Pathetic – MiniBullet #29 FEB 20 2007 – The vapid and irrelevant music mag Rolling Stone reportedly has an ad with a picture of a kid holding onto a sequined-gloved hand along with the subtitle “Rolling Stone. Where music and sex coexist.” It’s an obvious and rather hackneyed jab at Michael Jackson. After I threw up in my mouth a little, I realized how pathetic the ad was. A few losers may find it “cute” and “hip”, but many find it tasteless and simply ridiculous. According to [url=http://adsoftheworld.com/media/print/rolling_stone_magazine_music]Adsoftheworld’s website[/url], the ad was part of a campaign created by DDB Brazil, an agency in São Paulo, Brazil. The once-useful magazine didn’t use the iconic image of any other music star that was actually guilty, and found to be guilty, of such illegal behavior in a court of law. Exactly how desperate for ideas does one have to be in order to use innuendo about sex with kids for an ad? Heck, if they are going to go to that far, why not use a real example? Even if the rag…uh, I meant mag…had used a picture of Gary Glitter, for example, holding a kid’s hand with the same subtitle, it would be just as disgusting as making fun of a kid who was molested. Glitter, by the way, was [url=http://www.guardian.co.uk/crime/article/0,,1722649,00.html]arrested, tried and sentenced[/url] to 3 years in prison last year for molesting girls in Vietnam. But, hey, why use someone who’s actually been found guilty when you can make fun of someone who you [i]wished[/i] were guilty instead? That would just be too…serious, I guess. Speaking of ‘glitter’, when’s the last time we’ve even seen Michael Jackson wearing a sequined glove in public?? But I digress. Over at [url=http://web.mac.com/floydhayes/iWeb/Site%204/One%20Inch%20Punch/One%20Inch%20Punch.html]OneInchPunch[/url], the blogger writes “Rolling Stone Tastelessly Alludes to Child Molestation to Sell Mag” and calls the ad “loathsome”. Who’s making decisions over there anyway? Remember, Rolling Stone is the same magazine that took the initiative to crown Justin Timberlake as the “King of Pop”, though he’s done nothing really to deserve it. That decision caused many critics, music journalists, and fans alike to wonder who the hell was making the decisions over at the glorified magazine. Maybe this little jab against Jackson will also raise questions as to who’s calling the shots? Or hey, maybe they just didn’t get the memo that making fun of molestation isn’t cute, funny or something to be congratulated regardless of whether it’s used in a failed attempt to be edgy. Whatever the reason, it’s still pretty pathetic. Note to Rolling Stone: If I wanted a bunch of no-brained, know-nothing smart-asses making fun of people, I’d read the rest of your magazine…or watch [i]The View[/i] with Rosie O’Donnell and Joy Behar… or watch videos of Court TV’s coverage of the 2005 Michael Jackson trial! While I grab a bag of popcorn and hunt through old tapes, why don’t you send in your two cents to Rolling “Kidney” Stone magazine. Here’s some contact info for you: rgscustserv@cdsfulfillment.com rsonline@real.com rslabelrelations@real.com RSPublicity@real.com

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