Nancy (dis) Grace CBS profile includes Mesereau blasting coverage

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Mesereau Tears Grace a New One over Jackson Trial Coverage (CBS | MJEOL) As Michael Jackson tries to repair his image after an arduous trial for child molestation charges which resulted in a not guilty verdict, TV legal analyst Nancy Grace isn’t backing down from her belief that he is guilty. “Frankly, when it comes to Mr. Jackson, I believe I was right,” she told Thalia Assuras in an interview for Sunday Morning. “And if you take a look at the jury who is now writing a book about how guilty Mr. Jackson is, they agree with me, although they didn’t have the guts to say it in verdict form.”

MJEOL NOTE: The jurors who later claimed that Jackson was guilty, two of them, made unfounded allegations against their fellow jurors. Some of those jurors spoke out about them. One of the jurors Grace is mentioning as agreeing with her, Elenor Cook, was also trying to sell t-shirts at one point. According to her fellow juror, Cook also began working on a book WHILE she was still a juror hearing the case. As for the other juror, Ray Hultman, he gave numerous interviews right after the trial saying he flat out didn’t believe that Jackson had done anything to the accuser (Gavin Arvizo). That later changed when he got a book deal. He then later sued to get out of the contract with the guy who made the book deal, and called his book’s ghost writer (Stacey Brown) a plagiarist. See articles: *WATCH VIDEO: Ray Hultman caught on tape saying he didn’t believe accuser was molested *WATCH VIDEO: Melissa Herard Responds to Juror Allegations *No swift riches for jurors turned would-be authors *Jackson Schemers Have Legal Problems of Their Own – MB#284 *Jackson juror sues to get out of book deal

But Jackson’s lawyer Tom Mesereau said Grace put Jackson on trial in the court of public opinion by presuming his guilt from her seat behind an anchor desk. “I think her coverage of the Jackson case was sub-moronic. She didn’t know the facts; she didn’t know the evidence. She didn’t know the witnesses. She didn’t know what was happening in the courtroom,” Mesereau said. “She tried to spin a verdict through a lot of emotional innuendo that was just buffoonery as far as I am concerned. When she was humiliated by the acquittals of Michael Jackson, she lashed out at jurors. I thought she was a disgrace. I thought she was the bottom of the barrel.” Grace said that Mesereau is a talented attorney and the reason that Jackson walked free. But defense attorneys often forget to remind people that the presumption of innocence can be pierced and overcome by evidence, Grace said.

MJEOL NOTE: The reason Jackson ‘walked’ free was because of the evidence presented at trial. Jurors being interviewed after the trial talked about the lack of evidence or the exonerating evidence as the reason for their not guilt vote; not about Thomas Mesereau.

“Listen, I grew up standing that far from the TV screen dancing to ‘Soul Train,’ trying to be Michael Jackson,” she said. “I won the swing championship for my age category to Michael Jackson’s ‘Rockin’ Robin,’ all right?”

MJEOL NOTE: Being a Michael Jackson fan doesn’t necessarily make one’s current opinion of him any more valid than if they were a Jackson-hater.

Grace said she never wanted to see a music legend destroyed — but that the evidence against Jackson was overwhelming. “If you don’t have a problem with a 40 year-old-man in his underwear in bed with a non-relative, 7- or 8- or 9-year-old, that’s your business. I have a problem with it,” she said. “I’ve tried too many molestation cases not to care.”

MJEOL NOTE: Michael Jackson was never in his underwear in bed with any kid according to the official courtroom transcripts. This is a perfect example of why people have been so critical of disGrace’s coverage. Sometimes the overrated talking head purposely exaggerates what she thinks are ‘facts’ in order to persuade people to agree with her views. Further, the evidence which came out at trial, and heavily covered at MJEOL, showed that there was overwhelming evidence speaking towards Jackson innocence, some of which included the accuser’s changing stories, changing timelines, admissions of previous lies under oath, etc.


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