Mesereau rips Grace a new one abt Jackson trial coverage

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In case you missed it, Attorney Thomas Mesereau ripped Nancy (dis)Grace a new one when he commented on her rather atrocious coverage of the 2005 Michael Jackson trial. Mesereau called Grace’s coverage “buffoonery”. No arguments here. He also called her analysis “sub-moronic”. Again, no arguments here. Grace was one of many hosts of various shows which relied heavily on… …agenda-filled, lopsided reports, often missing bombshell cross-examinations from the defense very early during the trial. Often, her coverage would vary wildly from facts which MJEOL and many other sites found out by actually reading the official courtroom transcript. Mesereau certainly wasn’t the only person to note the shenanigans going on over at Grace’s shows (Court TV and Headline news), as many long time Court TV viewers heavily criticized the coverage. Specifically about Grace, Mesereau said:

“I think her coverage of the Jackson case was sub-moronic. She didn’t know the facts; she didn’t know the evidence. She didn’t know the witnesses. She didn’t know what was happening in the courtroom,” Mesereau said. “She tried to spin a verdict through a lot of emotional innuendo that was just buffoonery as far as I am concerned. When she was humiliated by the acquittals of Michael Jackson, she lashed out at jurors. I thought she was a disgrace. I thought she was the bottom of the barrel.”


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