Repost: Jackson 1993 accuser sues dad for life threatening physical abuse

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Michael Jackson’s accuser now sues dad for life threatening physical abuse
Posted on Wednesday, September 06, 2006 (EST)

REPOSTED on Friday, March 23, 2007 (EST) New York, Sept 6: The boy who got a 20 million dollar settlement from Michael Jackson after accusing the pop star of sexual molestation in 1993 is now battling his own father in court over charges of life-threatening physical abuse.

The accuser [Jordan Chandler], now 26, says his ex-dentist dad Evan Chandler “struck him on the head from behind with a 12-1/2-pound [dumbbell] weight … sprayed his eyes with Mace or pepper spray and tried to choke him” last year, according to court documents filed in New Jersey.

It’s a mystery why the son and the father, who became millionaires in 1994, thanks to the Jackson sex-abuse settlement, were fighting in August 2005 – just two months after the singer’s acquittal in another [alleged abuse] case involving a teenage cancer survivor. 

Santa Barbara County prosecutors had begged the 1993 accuser to testify at Jackson’s 2005 trial, hoping he could bolster that alleged victim’s similar story of fondling at the pop star’s hands. But the college graduate refused to get involved. (ANI)

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