Jimmy Jam Weighs in on Michael Jackson Comeback

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Jimmy Jam Weighs in on Michael Jackson Comeback Michael Jackson has reportedly been hard at work on a brand new album between travels to Dubai, Las Vegas, and spots in Europe. Fans and industry insiders are wondering whether Jackson’s new material will prove to be the kind of sales blockbuster he’s had in the past, like historic multi-platinum releases Off The Wall and Bad. Producer Jimmy “Jam” Harris, who with partner Terry Lewis worked on all but two of Janet Jackson’s albums, also produced “Scream,” Janet’s 1995 duet with Michael. Harris says that Jackson isn’t motivated by breaking sales records when he goes into the studio nowadays. He explained:

“I don’t think a successful comeback should be based on statistics, I think making music will be the thing that makes him happy, you can’t put the cart before the horse. You can’t sell records until you make the songs. And I think for him, making the songs at this point is going to be the fun thing for him. And obviously the reward for him selling records is wonderful. I know for a fact, because I know him pretty well, that the statistics, he already has those, I mean, he’s got records that will never be broken again. And now in this point in his life it’s really about making great music. ”

There is no word on when Jackson will release a new album, but results of a British poll reported last week shows that the eccentric superstar should command healthy sales figures. PopScores, a monthly quantitative measurement of the emotional connection between artists and consumers, shows that 82 percent of Jackson’s fans are ready to buy the new material he releases. Source: http://freddiebell.wordpress.com/2007/06/20/jimmy-jam-gives-insight-on-michael-jackson/

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