Aphrodite Jones on Bill O’Reilly’s Show June 21

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Aphrodite Jones on Bill O’Reilly’s Show Thursday, June 21 The media wants to pretend that the book, Michael Jackson Conspiracy, isn’t for real. I will appear on FOX this Thursday and expect to be put in the hot seat by Bill O’Reilly who will certainly attack the veracity of the book. I hope that people watching will realize that Michael Jackson has been a victim of the media for many years. And more importantly, I hope viewers will get the message that the media STILL wants to build their ratings by tearing Michael (and other celebs) down. This trend includes the trashing (or ignoring) of my new book, which by the way, Nancy Grace has refused to acknowledge — period. I find that particularly ironic, since Nancy Grace launched her own CNN show on Michael’s back — using the Jackson trial as the original content for her blabber. The O’Reilly Factor can be seen at 8 pm ET, with an encore broadcast at 11 pm ET. Source: [url=http://michaeljacksonconspiracy.blogspot.com/2007/06/media-tries-to-win-by-tearing-michael.html]Aphrodite Jones blog[/url]

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