VIDEO: Chris Tucker talks about hanging out with MJ

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Chris Tucker appeared on Conan O’Brien’s show and spoke a bit about hanging out with Michael Jackson.

Late Night With Conan O’Brien
August 6, 2007

Conan: You also, I gotta ask about this, you hang out with Michael Jackson?

Tucker: Yeah. Michael is my boy, we hang out. We don’t see each other that much, but when I see him–


Conan: No, cause he isn’t, he’s not around hanging out with just other people. You and he are hanging out? You’re friends?

Tucker: We bump into each other around the world, man. It’s like– and it’s cool ’cause he call me sometimes to check up on me, to see how I’m doing. He’s like, “[MJ] How you doing, Chris?” And when he really miss me, he call me Christmas. “[MJ] Hey Christmas, how are you?”

Conan: He calls you Christmas?

Tucker: He call me Christmas. It feel good, at first I was like, “why you call–” but then it started sounding good and I was like, “Say that again, Mike.” “[MJ] Christmas, is that what you mean?” Yeah!

Conan: Do you ever go in public anywhere with Michael Jackson? Cause what’s that like?

Tucker: You know what, we go to the movies sometimes. We go to the movies, both of us like going to the movies. So we go to the movies, but it’s hard because Michael got to sneak in the movie right before it start, so Michael come in there with like a ninja suit on; he’s hiding, all black. All of a sudden I’m sitting there wondering, “Where’s Michael?” And I turn around and he’s like, “[MJ] Hey Chris!” And I’m like, “Ooh Man! How long you been here?!?” “[MJ] About five minutes. I’m sorry. Did I scare you? Sorry Chris.” And then you know, we sneak in, all this stuff. He sneaks in at the last minute, he does all this stuff, security bring us popcorn and stuff, you know, like he tryin’ to hide, you know. “[Impersonation] Here you go, Mr. Jackson.” You know.

Conan: Yeah.

Tucker: And then all of a sudden, we watching a movie, he’s the loudest person in there!

Conan: Really?

Tucker: Yeah. He’s watching a movie, he’s like, “[MJ] Hee hee!” I say, “Michael, would you shut up before people see you?!” “[MJ] I’m sorry, it was funny Chris!”

Conan: Yeah, and then Prince is somewhere else, “[Prince] Woo hoo!” “[MJ] Hee hee!”

Tucker: (Jokingly) “That sound like Prince in the movie theater too! Why we all stuck in here?” “[MJ] Cause he came with me.”

Conan: Wow, that’s just– I gotta try that sometime. I gotta try and bump into you guys when you do that.

Tucker: It’s fun, you know? You get to hang out with other celebrities, man. People I idolize, so it’s cool.

Conan: That’s very cool.

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