Michael Jackson Conspiracy coming to U.S. bookstores

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE from Aphrodite Jones

Michael Jackson Conspiracy is coming to U.S. bookstores!

Up until now, Michael Jackson Conspiracy has only been available for order over the Internet. We are pleased to inform you that this is about to change. Michael Jackson Conspiracy is on the verge of hitting bookstores in the United States!

This important development is an acknowledgement that Ms. Jones’s new book has the potential for even greater sales. Michael Jackson Conspiracy is creating a momentum that shows that Ms. Jones has written a winning book.

As you already know, Michael Jackson Conspiracy will soon be under contract to be translated into French. There is an expressed interest for the book to be translated into German. The worldwide communities of bloggers and of Michael Jackson’s fans have become inspired by Ms. Jones’s book.

Before Michael Jackson Conspiracy, the world was in a disagreement about Mr. Jackson. The world is a better place today with Ms. Jones’s book in it, for it serves as an extended parable for our times.

There is so much to be grateful about. Ms. Jones has acknowledged the positive role of Mr. Jackson’s fans in how the media reports about Mr. Jackson. The fan community has another book that validates the innocence of the King of Pop. And the media is on notice that the public is embracing Ms. Jones’s call for a greater integrity in journalism.

Now that Michael Jackson Conspiracy is about to enjoy a distribution deal into U.S. bookstores, our mutual goal of transforming the mindset of the media can be reached amicably – through larger book sales of Ms. Jones’s book. The more people who read Michael Jackson Conspiracy, the more people who will be inspired by its moral. To paraphrase from wikipedia, it will then dawn on readers that the conclusion reached by Ms. Jones can apply equally well to their own concerns about the media’s objectivity and impartiality.

Ms. Jones has demonstrated by example that it is possible for the media to report about a controversial and heretofore deliberately maligned celebrity, in this case Mr. Jackson, and still do it with compassion and integrity and objectivity.

The everlasting impact of Michael Jackson Conspiracy is that it will offer a new perspective to the media before they launch into the next sensationalized trials in our frenzy-prone press of the United States.

Source: Aphrodite Jones/Louis Flores


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