Michael answers fans’ questions

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Fan : Michael, are you going to do a new world tour soon?
Michael: No, I don't think so… music is a part of my life and I want to begin something else… for the moment, I think I am going to produce movies, play in movies. That's what I want to do.
Fan: Michael, where do you live?
MJ: I live in California!

Fan: No, I mean… for the moment!
MJ: Oh ! for the moment I spend most of my time in Africa.

Fan: Northern Africa?
MJ: No, Southern

Fan: Michael, how are the children?
MJ: The children are fine! they are in New York for the moment.

Fan: How is Debbie?
MJ: She is fine, she is in Los Angeles, she is still a nurse, she likes her job!

Fan: Michael, are you going to do a third humanitarian concert?
MJ: Well, no… I don't think so.

Fan: But I heard you would do one in the US…
MJ: No, I don't think I will do one in the US

Fan: Michael, your American fans love you! We miss you in the US, when do you come to do a tour?
Fan: I love my American fans, I love you too… Well I don't tour the US for the moment.

Fan: Why didn't you come to Egypt to do your concert?
MJ: Because the place for the concert was too small, we could only have 8000 seats and you know it's not enough, we need plenty space.

Fan: Michael, I have a question but I don't know if I can ask it…
MJ: You can ask me every questions you want! Everything you want, I will answer!

Fan: Why are you building casinos?
MJ: I am not building casinos, it is not me.

Fan: But you are investing in it…
MJ: I was, but I don't have investment anymore with those people… I am NOT gambling!

Fan: Michael , how is Elizabeth Taylor? Have you seen her?
MJ: She is fine…I see her often, I take her to the theater every Thursday!

Fan: Michael, what is the last movie you have seen ?
MJ: "Saving Private Ryan", of Steven Speilberg! A great movie! Really, wonderful!

Fan: Michael, when will you show us pictures of Paris?
MJ: Oh! I would love to show you pictures, but you know… hum… She had death threats so it's dangerous for her; and you know the press is so bad with me! Don't believe the tabloids! They are NOT the truth!

Fan: Michael are you going to stay in London?
MJ: You know, in London the press is so hard! It is so dangerous for me! Yeah… they are always searching to know somethings

Fan: Michael, how long will you stay in London?
MJ: Well… I leave for Paris tomorrow…

Fan: Michael ,what is your inspiration for your music?
MJ: Well… Charlie Chaplin… hummm, Charlie Chaplin, Jackie Wilson, James Brown…

Fan: What is your favorite song?
MJ: Do you mean of my songs or any song?

Fan: Your favorite song of all
MJ: Well… I think definitely a song of Claude Debussy. You know Claude Debussy? I love one of his songs, called "Prelude de l'apres Midi de la Faune"

Fan: And "Stranger In Moscow"?
MJ: Yeah! I like "Stranger In Moscow"!

Fan: Michael, do you read "KING!" Magazine?
MJ: Yeah, it's great!

Fan: Have you seen the Birthday Bash we made for you?
MJ: Well… no… Ohhhhhhh, this is the one with the big list? Yes, I saw it! And I saw a video! Yeah, it has a big list with all the fans' names! Thank you sooooo much for that!

Fan: Will you come to a MJ party one day? To perform!
MJ: Oh, I would love to come… maybe some day!

Fan: What are you going to sing in Munich?
MJ to Skipper: In Munich?
Skipper: The concert in Munich
MJ: In Munich?
Skipper: Yes, for sure, in Munich
MJ: oh… well… I am going to sing a song called "What More Can I Give?"

Fan: And "Heal the World"?
MJ: Yes, and "Heal the World"… and there will be surprises!

Fan: Michael, do you go in Chat Rooms?
MJ to Skipper: In what?
Skipper: Chat Rooms, Internet
MJ: Oh… well, no.

Fan: Michael, have you finished your album?
MJ: Yeah, but you know, I have recorded 70 songs and I must choose just twelve (michael counts on his fingers). But I made an album with my brothers, it's a J5 reunion and I recorded 3 songs on 3T's album

MJ: Waldo has a question (he is a fan)
Waldo: Michael, what do you think about the fans who follow you everywhere? Do you think they are too eccentric?
MJ: Nooooo! I love that!

Waldo: But do you remember some faces during your shows, fans at first row?
MJ: Well… you know, I see some but when I am on stage , I don't like watching people 'cause I get embarrassed! (Michael laughs) But I remember some faces… you, you… and you! (he points to several fans he recognizes)

Fan: Michael, what do you feel about fans who follow you? Do you think we are crazy? (he didn't hear the previous question)
MJ: Oh no! It's lovely!

Fan: Michael, why don't you do another interview like Oprah's? You know, people loved you after that!
MJ: Well, you know… It can be strange but I don't like that much doing interviews like that, but I love doing things like now (he shows his fans with his hands).

Fan: Michael, I want to tell you that Africa loves you, thank you in the name of Africa!
MJ: I love you Africa!

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