Press Conference with MJ and Don Barden by Roz Abrams

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Roz – (facing the camera) " The King of Pop is working hard to establish a sizeable business kingdom. He has teamed up with a big time entrepreneur and they are wooing the New York investment banker community. Even though my questions were extremely limited, I'm glad I got to go one on one, with MJ." [She says that with pride]
Michael is being shown walking up to Roz Abrams. He's wearing all black. An outfit similiar to what he wore at the Detroit press conference and also he's wearing his black shades and fedora. As he is greeting Roz:

Roz – "Can I shake your hand?"
Michael -(smiling) "Yeah."

The two then shake hands with each other. Michael takes a seat a few feets away from Roz and folds his legs.
Roz is now talking to us, the viewers. While she is talking a clip of "Thriller is being shown to the viewers as if we have never seen "Thriller" before.

Roz : "He is arguable the most famous person on the planet. So to sit down with Michael Jackson to talk about his latest business endeavor, is we'll what can I say, a Thriller. In recent years Jackson has focus alot of his time transforming himself to being King Of Pop to a Captain Of Industry. On friday he invited me and my crew to visit him in his suite. The same suite often reserved for The President Of The United States."

The Interview scene is being shown. It takes place in a luxurious looking suite. On the coffee table there are a few magazines. In the back stands some of MJ's guards and Don Barden.

Roz : "First question Michael. Welcome to New York."

Michael : "Thank you very much."

Roz: "What brings you here on this wonderful day?"

Michael: "My business partner Don Barden and myself, we met with investment bankers today, pertaning to some wonderful projects that we are doing together, internationally."

A short video of Michael leaving a building is shown. In the video Michael is wearing a silk gray sports jakcket, black pants, shades and his trademark surgically mask. As he heads to a black van he waves to screaming fans. One fan is yelling, "HI MICHAEL!, HI MICHAEL!" Don Barden is with Michael and the bodyguard leads the two into the black fan. Another short video that's shown shows Michael and Don Barden sitting on a sofa. Don is talking with some unknown guy. Michael is wearing his black pants, his black CTE shirt and his hat and shades. After that another short video is shown. Michael is carrying an unbrella over his head and is walking with Don Barden. While all of this is being shown Roz Abrams is talking to the viewers again.

Roz :(To the viewers) "New York is where the money is and the amount Jackson and his new partner are looking to raise is more than a billion dollars. The Partnership is only 3 months old, but Jackson and Barden have already slated bubiness opportunities in Africa and in Saint- , reported by Eyewitness news in May. Their first project is slated for Detroit. Announced last week, Majestic Kingdom is a mega casino hotel featuring Michael Jackson's THRILLER Theme Park."

As Roz is talking to the viewers, suddenly channel 7 shows a very interesting clip of the press conference that Michael and Don Barden did in Detroit. Here's what they showed Michael saying:

Michael: (To the press) "Were just all very excited. If you have any questions for Don feel free to ask".

The people at the conference thought this was funny and laughed, Michael gave a wide grin.

Back at the interview scene

Roz: "We have been hearing more of you, seeing more of you, in the last week. Is Mr. Barden like bringing you out more, to deal with the press."

Michael -"Pertaining to business."

Michael – "Yes."

Roz: "Your just really comfortable with him, as a partner?"

Michael: " I love business and I love Don, he's a great guy."

Roz is now interviewing Barden. Michael isn't with him though. I have no idea where he was at.

Barden: "Michael is a creative genious and he's a very astute business guy."

Roz: (talking to viewers again) "Don Barden is a self-made millionarie and one of America's leading black entrepreneur's. Barden made a fortune in cable-tv and his holdings now include radio stations and a Gary, Indiana River Boat Casino. Barden is betting that voters of the Motown crew will remember Michael Jackson when casino license are awarded. And while Jackson and Barden may already be like 50/50 partner, when it comes to talking Barden does the majority of it."

Back at the interview, with Michael.

Roz: " Have you guys known eachother for a long time?"

Michael: "Yes."

Suddenly Barden, who is standing a few feet from Roz, motions for Roz to stop the interview.

Rozsurprised, facing the camera) …………………And he's stopping the interview. This is not my interview. I would like to talk to Michael some more

Barden: "No".

Michael : (puts his hand over his mouth) "Oh sorry, sorry."

Roz is back talking to Barden. Michael is not around though.

Roz: "So this we'll seems like a partnership. But from all I'm seeing here in New York, you are calling all of the shots. Why don't you let Michael talk some more?"

Barden : "It's not me letting anybody do anything. We'll that's his perogative. Michael can talk as much as he wants to talk. He prefers not to talk a lot. This is his style. That's his business."

Michael is standing up and about to leave. Roz and Michael shake hands. Then Michael shakes hands with a guy standing next to him.

Roz:- "Thanks for coming. And come back again sometime when you can talk more."

Roz's closing statments to the viewers: " We'll for whatever reason there appears to be a seismic shift in Jackson's media greeting the press. The encounters are highly controlled and the painfully shy Jackson is willing to endure. Why? Well, Jackson's partner wouldn't have it any other way and the rest as they say… is HIS-story.

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