Bashir Criticized for Using False Statements from WSJ

On Tuesday’s edition of "Nightline," anchor Martin Bashir interviewed businessman Tom Monaghan, founder of a new Catholic university in Florida and also a community called Ave Maria that will be based around Catholic values. Bashir parroted criticism that the town has "been described as a Catholic Jonestown, a kind of Catholic Iran, where individual rights and liberties are curtailed."

Earlier in the segment, Bashir asserted that the community, which will encourage traditional values but be open to all, has "been called a Disney World for Catholics, a country club Christianity."

Michael Jackson Conspiracy coming to U.S. bookstores

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE from Aphrodite Jones

Michael Jackson Conspiracy is coming to U.S. bookstores!

Up until now, Michael Jackson Conspiracy has only been available for order over the Internet. We are pleased to inform you that this is about to change. Michael Jackson Conspiracy is on the verge of hitting bookstores in the United States!

VIDEO: Chris Tucker talks about hanging out with MJ

Chris Tucker appeared on Conan O’Brien’s show and spoke a bit about hanging out with Michael Jackson.

Late Night With Conan O’Brien
August 6, 2007

Conan: You also, I gotta ask about this, you hang out with Michael Jackson?

Tucker: Yeah. Michael is my boy, we hang out. We don’t see each other that much, but when I see him–