Jackson in Italian Vogue – MiniBullet #51

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Sept 19 2007 – Despite the asinine way in which the news was presented by the New York “rag”, The New York Post, word about Michael Jackson posing for an upcoming issue of {tag Italian Vogue} appears to be true according to confirmations through CTE MJFC and Jacksonland.it.

Not content to just report whatever happened, all the while hiding behind unnamed sources, the NYP story claims the shoot lasted 10 hours and made the article mostly about insulting how long it allegedly took to style Jackson’s hair.

I won’t go into repeating word for word the insult-ladened nonsense from NYP, but the photoshoot supposedly took place in the past few days in New York.

According to the latest news, Jackson spokesperson and General Manager {tag Raymone Bain} has confirmed that the King of Pop did in fact pose for Italian Vogue recently. Although Bain apparently made no mention of how long it took. Who really cares how long it took anyway? Apparently the NYP does.

We’ll keep you updated.


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