Dance prof enjoyed music by Michael

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September 16, 2007 – Michael Jackson was the Motown artist who spoke most to dance professor Derek Reid, but not necessarily because of the entertainer’s smooth moves onstage.

“I was a huge Jackson 5 fan. I think I related a lot to Michael Jackson,” said Reid, 41, who is starting his fourth year teaching at Butler University’s Jordan College of Fine Arts.

Reid, 41, who grew up in Maryland, recalls being first introduced to the Motown group through “Jackson 5ive,” a 1970s TV cartoon series.

“I never particularly felt a kinship to Michael because he was a dancer, but I loved his music,” Reid said. “I really liked ‘I’ll Be There’ (a chart-topping single from 1970). I like ballads, and it has a really nice melody. . . . I also like the sentiment about being there when you need someone.”

Reid believes certain Motown hits have staying power. In fact, he has introduced some to his daughter.

— Whitney Smith


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