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New trial transcripts from the 2005 trial have been added to the download section of the site.

Testimony from the ridiculous Jamie Masada, the confused Blanca Francia and the lying Davellin Arvizo have all been added. Check out what these people actually had to say. 

Jamie “Blood and kidney” Masada was forced to testify because he knew this family; particularly at a time when they were around Michael Jackson. He had previously taken credit for “introducing” the family to Jackson. That claim was later shot down by Geraldo Rivera during an interview with Masada.

Check out what Masada had to say under oath:

Jamie Masada March 29 2005


 Davellin Arvizo, part of what some have called a “family of grifters”, testified on the stand giving what would turn out to be conflicting testimony. If you remember, Davellin Arvizo is the one who apparently flashed what was reportedly a fake ID on that infamous flight where Cynthia Bell was working.
Check out Davellin Arvizo’s testimony:

Davellin Arvizo Testimony Part 1
Davellin Arvizo Testimony Part 2
Davellin Arvizo Testimony Part 3 Blanca Francia also testified at the 2005 trial. Her testimony at one point conflicted with the testimony of Jason Francia, her son. She is the one who sold stories to the tabloids and who sold stories to Hard Copy, Diane Dimond’s old stomping ground. As a matter of fact, it was Diane Dimond who interviewed her after she got paid.

Check out what Masada had to say under oath:

Blanca Francia testimony


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