Marcel Marceau Dies at 84 – MiniBullet #52

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(MJEOL) Sept 24 2007 – Brilliant entertainer and holocaust survivor {tag Marcel Marceau} passed away this weekend at the age of 84. Marceau was a big influence on Michael Jackson, among others.

Marceau was best known for his public performances as "Blip the Clown" who never spoke a word but could express every range of emotion through movement.

The king of mime was the inspiration for Michael Jackson’s famous moonwalk, which was based on Marceau’s performance/sketch called "Walking Against the Wind".  

Jackson has known Marceau for a while now and famously appeared with him as you can see from the video rebroadcast on CNN this weekend:

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In the video, you can see Jackson hugging Marceau and imitating some of his pantomime.

According to youtube video, this dance was also part of a 1976 Mel Brooks comedy where you can clearly see Marceau doing what would evolve, through Jackson, as the moonwalk. See video here:


Marceau had said that his inspiration was {tag Charlie Chaplin}. Jackson is also a huge Chaplin fan and has actually dressed up, more than once, like "The Tramp", a famous character created by Chaplin.

French Prime Minister Francois Fillon was quoted as saying, "Marceau had a rare gift — being able to communicate with everyone beyond the barrier of language".

Today (Sept 24) on the ABC show The View, co-host {tag Whoopi Goldberg} really went after two ABC World News Now anchors who supposedly made fun of Marceau/mimes during an inappropriate "witty banter" segment where the anchors discuss various news items to fill time.

Goldberg said the anchors were disrespectful after apparently making fun of art of mime while discussing Marceau’s death.

Among his many awards, Marceau’s TV performance "Show of Shows" won an Emmy Award and the French government bestowed upon him the "Officier de la Légion d’honneur" honor.  

He is survived by his four children.


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