No mere mortal can resist the Thriller

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No mere mortal can resist … the Thriller 10/28/2007

With Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” playing, 17 people performed the dance associated in the 1983 video.

This group was participating in “Thrill the World” on Saturday at the Midland Center for the Arts.

“Thrill the World,” a worldwide event held to set a new record with the Record Holders Republic’s largest simultaneous “Thriller” dance.

;”At 6 o’clock, its serious business,” event coordinator Marci Rogers said to the group before they practiced the dance one last time.

    Each dancer was dressed as a zombie — among the zombies was a cheerleader, a football player, a prom-goer in an emerald dress and a gardener.

The zombies were laying on the floor and began moving when Thriller’s beginning beats blared out of the stereo.

With the dance instructions they learned in two weeks of practice, the group made their five minute contribution to “Thrill the World.”

    “I just thought it would be so much fun to get a small group of my friends together and teach them famous dances, like Thriller,” Rogers said while dressed as a housewife zombie with rollers in her hair.

    While searching the Internet for video of “Thriller” Rogers found the “Thrill the World” website and thought it would be a fun activity.

    Dressing like zombies was not a requirement, although the group had to submit a video of their performance along with individual and group photos. The information will be sent to the Record Holders Republic for verification along with each participants’ verification documents.

    The group performed a second time at 6:30 p.m. for the people who were attending the Midland Symphony’s Halloween Spooktacular.


Terri Robinson of Midland, from right, Adam Gardner of Essexville and Bill Anderson of Midland dance costumed as zombies to Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” at the Midland Center for the Arts Saturday.

    Tammy Naffie and her two children, David, 14, and Katie, 11, were a family of zombies.

    “We thought this would be something fun to do together because I’m an old Michael Jackson fan,” Tammy said.

    Tammy and Katie were dressed in matching gray ponchos with crazy hair and makeup. David was dressed in brown shirt with open sores on his face.

    “Its cool to dress up like zombies … it doesn’t have to look good, just weird,” Katie said.

    Nate Krug, a Bay City resident, wearing a black marching band uniform was the “band nerd” zombie.

    “It (Thriller) never dies, it keeps going,” Krug said. “Kind of like zombies.”

    Bill Anderson Jr. was a football player and his wife, Emily Anderson, was a cheerleader.

    Bill said it was special to be the only Thriller group from Michigan to participate.

    “Yes, I’ll be back next year,” Rogers said. “I’m planning on it.”

    Photos taken by Daily News photographers are available as reprints.


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