Frank Lucas Jr wants to work with Jackson

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Nov 1 2007 (mjeol) – In a recent interview for Rap Industry Dot Com, Frank Lucas Jr talks about being the offspring of a real American gangster and shouts-out Michael Jackson for a possible collaboration for Jackson’s new album. Lucas Jr. is the son of Frank Lucas — the basis for Ridley Scott’s new movie being released on Nov 2 starring Denzel Washington as Frank Lucas.

Lucas Jr. says he was greatly inspired by The Jackson Five along with a long list of other incredible artists like Earth Wind & Fire, The Bee Gees, EPMD, Rakim and LL Cool J.

When asked about his Jackson influences, Lucas told Rap Industry Dot Com, “I think my strongest was The Jackson 5. Matter of fact, I know Michael is working on a project. We should collaborate — That would be gangster!”

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