New Video: MJ in the studio, Will.i.Am Int. Quincy

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Hot video of Michael Jackson in the studio has hit the web. In the beginning of the vid, is interviewing Quincy Jones. Later in the video, you can see MJ grooving to the tracks for a very brief time. Check out the vid: {mgmediabot2}path=videos/WillIAm_Studio.flv|title=MJ in the Studio|author=MJ|image=images/stories/williamvid1b.jpg|path=videos/Blackarazzi_WillIAm_.flv|title=Will i am talking about Thriller25|author=Blackarrazi|image=images/stories/Blackarazzi_WillIAm.jpg|width=320|height=280|displayheight=200|thumbsinplaylist=true{/mgmediabot2}

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