Akon involved in Jackson Super Bowl ad

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It’s supposed to be top secret — but Akon is giving out a tidbit of information about the rumored ad that Michael Jackson is doing for the Super Bowl.

"We just did a commercial — it’s a Pepsi commercial. He actually involved me in it so I feel like I’m a part of that process," Akon told The Associated Press on Friday at Maxim’s pre-Super Bowl bash.

Jackson is releasing a 25th anniversary edition of his best-selling album "Thriller" on Feb. 12, featuring acts like Akon, Kanye West and Fergie on remix editions of that historic disc’s songs.

"It’s really moreso Mike picking a lot of the acts that he liked and admired today, and kind of getting them the big songs that they like and reinventing it like it was their own," he explained. "Everyone has their own taste of how that would have been."

It’s been reported that an ad for the CD will be featured during the Super Bowl. But while Akon did confirm a commercial does exist, he was closed-mouthed when asked how to describe it.

"Oh, he might kill me," Akon laughed about Jackson. "But it’s gonna be funny. You’re going to love it. He’s not even in it. But it’s crazy. I want to tell you so bad!"

Akon was a surprise performer with singer-rapper T-Pain at the Maxim event, one of dozens of soirees happening in the Phoenix area for Super Bowl week. But Akon, best known for songs like "I Wanna Love You" and "Don’t Matter," wasn’t planning on taking part in the party madness.

"At every big event, it’s always the same excitement," Akon said. "Right now I’m so focused … about trying to take over, I don’t focus on the party side."

Source:  Yahoo Music News

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