Tuesday’s Gift for MJ B-day Week

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Tuesday’s birthday gift to the man who has us wondering just when we’ll get new music is this classic Animatronic Fortune Teller, Zoltar!




(Hum…why do I have a feeling he may already have this?)….

I mean, this talking fortune teller thingy is "richly detailed with a handlebar mustache" and everything! Good for the man who has everything except knowledge of what the future may bring.

And each fortune will only cost you a quarter! Hey, maybe you can ask Zoltar when you’ll release your next album? I’m kidding….but not really. (Maybe I should try it out first… Hey, we joke because we love ya Innocent)


Be sure to make sure you go over to the forums and post your virtual gifts for Mike. And don’t forget to check in to see Wednesday’s birthday gift!


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