Friday’s Gift for MJ B-day Week

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Happy Birthday Mr. Jackson! Today’s birthday gift is something elegant, but quite profound. The amount of anguish you’ve had to go through is something that not one of us will ever forget.




Because of that, this special Platinum Heart-shaped Diamond specially customized locket is for you.

Outside underneath the diamond are the words "Your Fans Will NEVER FORGET" to represent how much we have supported you through the undeserved, hateful and disgusting treatment you’ve received. Inside is an engraved photo of your all-seeing, all-knowing eye along with a note about how much we respect and love you.

Oh, nevermind that it’s a heart-shaped locket….and kinda girly! Just take it as a symbol of our respect and celebration for your 50th. (Ah, it came so quick!)

As long as you know the love we feel for your existence and your creativity is precious, you can handle anything. When you look at this virtual gift, imagine yourself holding his close to your heart and….okay, okay I’ll stop being so cheesy!

Celebratory Video

{mgmediabot2}type=flv|path=acc/50thBirthday_Scatterheart_0001.flv|title=50th Birthday|author=MJEOL|image=images/none.jpg|type=flv|width=320|height=240|displayheight=250|thumbsinplaylist=true{/mgmediabot2} Music: Bjork – Scatterheart (Since you’ve probably heard your own songs a billion times already)


We hope you have a beautiful day!

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