Thursday’s Gift for MJ B-day Week

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Thursday’s birthday gift is…uh… something every man should have: a coupon for $2 off your next prostate exam!




You’re getting up there in years mister man so don’t act like this is some strange gift….well, ok, maybe it kinda is.

Sorry we got you a cheap gift today. It’s a gag gift so don’t give us the finger! No pun intended. Tongue out

By the way, make sure you go to a licensed physician. If some random lady named Veronica dressed in a doctor’s costume comes up to you pretending to be a doctor…. RUN!! (LOL!)

We joke because we love ya so much! We do! Really!! 



Be sure to make sure you go over to the forums and post your virtual gifts for Mike. And don’t forget to check in to see Friday’s birthday gift!


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