Respect him in death like you didn’t do during his life

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The people who were very close to Michael Jackson and who are mature enough not to be irresponsible with their words have conducted themselves with respect in the wake of an incredibly difficult time for the world. Rev Al Sharpton and Gladys Knight are a few.

However, while watching news coverage today I have seen people like Deepak Chopra and Jackson-hanger-on Brian Oxman who have both behaved in an unacceptably irresponsible way, and they should both be slapped in the mouth for creating/spreading unconfirmed and speculative comments about Jackson’s death.

Oxman, who apparently never met a camera he didn’t like, started not even 24 hours after Jackson’s death.

Michael’s body ain’t even in the ground yet and they got their happy a$ses in front of a camera talking about something neither one of them know anything about.

Michael Jackson mjlife_210

Michael Jackson: A Devastating Loss for the World

Michael Jackson mjlife_210
Mchael Jackson is more than an idol. He is the most influential artist of the 20th and 21st centuries. You can hear his voice in the music of almost every artist blasting from your radio; certainly every R&B superstar of today.

That artist has left us all today, June 25 2009 for a better place.

The media chose today to remember what a force in the music industry he is and what his gift meant to millions around the world.

This same media, mind you, generally treated him like a piece of $hit; a piece of garbage whose life was up for dissection and who sought the ruination of his legacy.

We have spent years watching his life being picked apart by some of the very same people who are now covering his passing, while hoping he could punch through the noise and continue to create.