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LAPD Met with Jackson Doctor

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michael jackson mj_001
Los Angeles Police Department investigators were behind closed doors at an undisclosed location this evening meeting with Dr. Conrad Murray and his attorneys about the death of pop star Michael Jackson, who went into cardiac arrest on Thursday while under Murray’s care.

“They are still behind closed doors with investigators,”  said Miranda Sevckik, a spokeswoman for the Houston law firm of  Stradley, Chernoff  Alford, which was retained by Murray. “We don’t know, even the investigators probably don’t know, how long they are going to be.”

[Updated at 8:08 p.m.: The Los Angeles Police Department confirmed the meeting with Murray in a statement e-mailed to reporters at 8 p.m. Police said the physician voluntarily contacted LAPD, and was cooperative with detectives, who conducted an extensive interview. Police said the information provided will aid the investigation.]

The LAPD has said that Murray is not suspected of wrongdoing.

Edward M. Chernoff has accompanied Murray to the meeting. The firm’s website describes Chernoff as a patriarch of the firm who handles its most complicated cases. Chernoff has also worked with the Harris County, Texas, district attorney’s office, where he lost one felony jury trial out of 40, according to his biography.

“Murray has been in Los Angeles since Michael Jackson’s death and has fully cooperated with investigators,” according to a statement release by the law firm. “Dr. Murray will likely be answering questions for most of the day with investigators.”

The statement also said: “Investigators have made it clear to Mr. Chernoff that Dr. Murray is considered to be a witness to the events surrounding Michael Jackson’s death, and he is not a suspect.  Dr. Murray hired legal counsel to help guide him through the police investigation process.  The law firm was hired to make sure the police investigation is conducted properly.

“Dr. Murray rode with Michael Jackson to the hospital and made frantic attempts to revive him along the way.  Dr. Murray considered himself to be a friend of Michael Jackson and he is very distraught over his death.  He will continue to cooperate in every respect.

–Harriet Ryan
Source: LA Times

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