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[img][/img] Text: ‘MICHAEL JACKSON’S PRIVATE HOME MOVIES’ (working title) REVEALED THURSDAY, APRIL 24, ON FOX Leaving behind the glitz and glamour of film, music videos and television, Michael Jackson opens up his private home movie collection, giving unprecedented access to thousands of hours of never-before-seen footage revealing his real life, Continue Reading

LTTW back at MJJF posting info on MJ – interesting

This is the latest post from him: [quote]LookingThroughTheWindow Posted: Mar 9 2003, 01:04 PM The music is done and ready. The only thing holding it up is finally signing off on who is going to push it and how. The recent re-org (not as recent as it is being reported, I alluded to it in January, before the Bashir interview) has gone a long way to enable finalization of plans. On the legal, and PR, side a much more aggresive and pro-active policy is in place. The words ZERO TOLERANCE are now the mantra. For example Vanity Fair have been told in no uncertain term if they push forward with their pieces we’ll demolish them.[/quote] [quote]LookingThroughTheWindow Posted: Mar 9 2003, 02:01 PM Yep, there is more… A watershed has been reached where Mike has decided enough is enough. The changes that are going on are a reflection of the people that are needed to carry out a plan. The plan? Simple. To realize the ambition for Mike to have, this year, a No1 single, a No1 Album and to realize the best tour humanly possible. Anyone who wants to stand in the way of that or deson’t feel that vision is excess baggage. With reference to the media if someone tries to kick Mike down they are going to find five of us kicking them back. Someone goes after him we will ALL go after them. No holds barred. We tried of seeing Mike and his family hurt, the fans hurt and the belief of a few that they think they can destroy his legacy. This is a complete sea change in the way matters are going, indeed are, being handled. Beacuse when you back someone into a corner they only way to come out is fighting. [/quote] Click ‘Read More’ to read the rest.

A new, great MJ article about the media

[b]DeBorah Pryor, from, has written a great article Here’s a snip from it:[/b] [quote]Martin Bashir’s documentary Living With Michael Jackson lacked integrity. In the opinion of this writer, it should be remembered as nothing more than an exercise in how to gain someone’s trust, then manipulate it to tell the story you had written before ever meeting the man or setting foot on his property. Apparently, the need for journalistic excellence has left the building; leaving behind in its place only two prerequisites for getting your story picked up: how low can you go and how much are they willing to pay… Jackson has arguably been the only celebrity continuously raked over the proverbial coals. It seems such a shame that all the media chooses to grasp from such an illustrious, long-standing career, is material on plastic surgery and unfounded allegations of child abuse. It is the blatant obsession with and subsequent regurgitation of this type of biased material that encourages dehumanization. It is a behavioral style that is becoming increasingly more acceptable, and celebrities, Jackson in particular, are seen not as people, but as objects. Even so-called “serious” journalists have stooped to new levels…[/quote] :applause You HAVE to read this! Click ‘read more’!!