Katherine Jackson is apparently OK, Photo shows Matriarch Relaxing

Well what the hell was that all about? That thought is probably going through the minds of some of you after seeing a photograph of the head of the Jackson family, Katherine Jackson, relaxing and playing UNO with her daughter Rebbie and other family members in Arizona.

X17online posted a photo of Katherine Jackson visiting her granddaughter Stacy and grandson London after somebody got the family and the media all hot and bothered about Mrs. Jackson being missing.

Jackson Can’t Get Sick without Media Bashing – Mini MJEOL Bullet

Jackson Can’t Get Sick without Media Bashing – Mini MJEOL Bullet Michael Jackson was taken to the emergency room this morning apparently to be treated for severe flu symptoms. In yet another illustration of the ridiculousness of the mainstream media when reporting on all-things-Jackson, certain know-nothing pundits are reporting this story as if they didn’t take their medication before going on the air. They, of course, wanted something much more dramatic to be happening and can’t deal with the fact that Jackson could be mentally strong about this non-“case” AND have the flu at the same time. This Twilight Zone logic has manifested itself in pseudo-psychological over-analysis of this current news. Us Weekly’s Ian Drew pulled himself from under his rock long enough to go on TV and proclaim that Jackson’s flu is all “psychosomatic”. How Drew, of all people, would know this is beyond us. Maybe he’s been talking to Ms. Cleo? Guess he didn’t get the memo that she’s a fake. Either way, I don’t have to look into a crystal ball to know that Drew, and those like him, doesn’t seem to have any idea what the hell they’re talking about. Even Rita Cosby couldn’t let this opportunity go by without giving her analysis, in rushed drama-queen fashion, about what she’s “hearing”. Supposedly, the Jackson’s are “worried” about this “case”, and that Jackson himself is overly stressed. Well, no that’s not entirely accurate. From all accounts, and from Mrs. Katherine Jackson’s own words, she’s more worried about what they will try to do to her innocent son, rather than “worried” about the facts of this non-“case”.