John Travolta weighs in on the MJ interview as well

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This was posted by SShaniqe at MJJF concerning John Travolta’s comments about MJ on The Oprah Winfrey show. SShanique got this information from another MJ board: [quote] Poohbear84 (kop): [quote][b]”Since we are on the subject of the Oprah show, I saw the one called Oprah after the show, or whatever it’s called, yesterday, with John Travolta. A lady in the audience asked him what he thought about the recent Michael Jackson controversy, and he said that he doesn’t know Michael very well, but that he thought that it was very one sided. And that it was wicked, I believe. The interview, not Michael. He also said that the jounalist, Bashier, was terribly wrong, or something like that. I know I’m not explaining this very well, but the point is, he seemed to be for Michael, not against him. Just thought I’d share that.”[/b][/quote] Thank God that John Travolta had a little sense of not talking about someone behind his back! I bet Chris[Rock], Bernie[Mac], or even Oprah wouldn’t be talking crap to Michael’s face. They wouldn’t even be able to get near him in the first place. Anyway, I think John Travolta likes Michael since he was in the Liberian Girl video.[/quote] :applause

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