Friedman(Fox News) blasts LMP for badmouthing ex-hubbies

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:announce Never thought I’d agree with Friedman on anything. But I guess one should never say ‘never’. Here’s a snip from his latest article: [quote]Presley does break with Scientology philosophy, which says we shouldn’t blame others for our mistakes. To get publicity for her album, she turns on Michael Jackson and blames him for their highly publicized bad marriage. She even sends Heath lyrics to a song not on the album that imply Jackson is “masturbative.” (There’s a word you won’t find in any other pop song.) The song, “Disciple,” is not even on the album. But Rolling Stone’s press release about their article would make you think it’s there. Yet Presley manages to use Jackson throughout the article in order to promote herself. She also takes a swipe at her most recent ex, Nicolas Cage, in the song “Gone”[/quote] To read the full article, high-tail it over to the :document[url=]MJ NEWS[/url] forum! :thumbsup

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