MTV gets wind of MJ-R.Kelly song

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This is the latest out of MTV: [quote]Despite all of his travails with Sony Music, Michael Jackson still owes the label one more album, which he plans to deliver this fall as a greatest-hits disc. There will be one new song on it, though, and it looks like it’ll be an R. Kelly track. A premature press release, sent out by Sony Music U.K. and then retracted, revealed that a song written by Kelly called “One More Chance” was under consideration for the Jackson compilation, currently called Number Ones. According to a source close to the project, “One More Chance” was produced by both Kelly and Jackson, but it’s still a matter of discussion whether it’ll make the album. [/quote] To read the full article, click over to the MJ News forum. See the topic: :arrow [url=]MTV reports on speculated MJ-RKelly song[/url]

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