Investigators: Allegations Against Jackson Unfounded Bullet #37

[b]Internal Memo: Allegations Against Jackson Unfounded MJEOL Bullet #3[/b] In a bombshell report out today (Dec 9), has found an internal memo which concludes that the “allegations of neglect and sexual abuse” leveled against Jackson are in fact “unfounded.” Both the LAPD-Wilshire Division and the Department of Children & Family Services did the investigation. It further states that the mother confirmed that Jackson “was like a father to the children and a part of her family.” As to the actual allegations and the media skewing Jackson’s words, the mother also confirmed “that her children are never left alone with the entertainer.” The fact that Jackson is seldom, if ever, alone with any child is also confirmed by Jackson family attorney, Brian Oxman. Oxman appeared on Fox news show hosted by Bill O’Reilly earlier this year and addressed this subject.He stated:

…They always have a female attendant present. What Martin Bashir didn’t show you was the female attendants or the adult attendants who were present. Michael has them there to protect not only the children but himself as well.”

Another issue coming as a result of this information is the timeline when abuse was supposed to have taken place. When reports first broke of this latest allegation, it was also reported that the accuser was 12 when the alleged abuse was suppose to have taken place. The accuser recently turned 14 this year. Thus, if this is the case, the alleged abuse had to have taken place [b]before[/b] the mother, the accuser, the brother and the sister of the accuser signed legal documents stating that no sexual abuse happened at all. Make no mistake about it: this is very damaging to the prosecution’s case. At the very least—regardless of the excuses commentators sympathetic to the prosecution try to make to explain away the conclusion of the investigation—it shows a propensity for this accuser to tell lies, possibly at the mother’s request. :4pinnedRead the FULL report >>

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