Jackson ‘dismisses rehab rumours’

[b]Jackson ‘dismisses rehab rumours'[/b] Feb 24 2004 Singer Michael Jackson has denied “vicious” press reports that he has checked into a rehabilitation centre, according to his official fan club. He was “appalled” by the story that he was treated in Aspen, Colorado, he said – and was on holiday with his children.

Ratner and Tucker: Inside Info on Jackson-Friedman

Friedman’s sources are improving….at least for this week. 😛 Check out the latest from his “column”: [b]’Rush Hour’ Actor, Director: Inside Info on Jack[son] [/b] [i]Monday, February 23, 2004 By Roger Friedman[/i] ‘Rush Hour’ Director: ‘I Knew the Mother Would Set Up Jackson’ Chris Tucker, the star of the two “Rush Hour” movies, and Brett Ratner, the director of the same two films, are suddenly at the center of the Michael Jackson child molestation case. I’m telling you this exclusively.

Shocking Info from Accuser’s Father-Bullet #92

Shocking Info from Accuser’s Father – MJEOL Bullet #92 The accuser’s father, David, and Russell Halpern, his attorney, appeared on Court TV’s Crier Live (Feb 20) and revealed some shocking information about the case. Among those bombshells was information about the current mental stability of the mother, a small admission about Michael Jackson’s relationship with the family, the DA’s office interfering with the child custody case, and the mother possibly recently selling pictures of the accuser to a London tabloid for upwards of $200,000.00.

Fired Employee Sues Jackson – Bullet #91

Fired Employee Sues Jackson – MJEOL Bullet #91 According to tabloid show Celebrity Justice, a fired employee of Jackson’s is currently suing him for $50,000. Cynthia Montgomery alleges she paid $18,000 for the plane Jackson used to fly back to California to turn himself in, in November 2003. In case you haven’t noticed, Montgomery is suing Jackson for almost three times as much as she claims he owes her.

Irresponsible Journalism Permeates News Coverage – Bullet #90

Irresponsible Journalism Permeates News Coverage – MJEOL Bullet #90

Richard Matsuura has blasted Vanity Fair in a recent interview. Matsuura, who is 18 now, was cited in the Vanity Fair article as allegedly one of the kids to which Jackson gave wine in soda cans. Of course, this was completely false and Matsuura does not mince words about it.

Maureen Orth, the author of the defamatory article, says she stands by her source for the erroneous information. NBC reporter Mike Taibbi–who contacted Orth to get her response to Matsuura’s comments–says Orth admits she never actually talked to either Matsuura or his father before writing the article.