Jackson Kicks Ass and Takes Names, Media Loses It – Bullet #133

Jackson Kicks Ass and Takes Names, Media Loses It – MJEOL Bullet #133

Michael Jackson and two of his attorneys, Mark Geragos and Ben Brafman, have parted ways. The media will attempt to spin this pronouncement out of the stratosphere as they always do regarding anything Jackson does.

The decision, however, was Jackson’s decision. Make no mistake about that. The decision may have been coming for a while now with Jackson not being satisfied with the amount of time the attorneys were spending on his “case”.

It may also have been the proximity to California for which to have the grape-vine/real-time information about what’s happening with what the prosecution is attempting to do. Ben Brafman and Mark Geragos are two well respected and brilliant attorneys. They are also able to illicit much envy and jealousy in some of these “tv lawyers” who have no other choice but to whine about their every move because they don’t currently have a ‘high profile’ case of their own.


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