Suspicious Secret Meeting with 1993 accuser BEFORE abuse allegation

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2.2 The 13-year old Boy

…I had the opportunity to meet the 13-year old boy on two separate occasions while working with Mr. Rothman. The first meeting was unexpected.

I stumbled upon the 13-year old boy by surprise in Mr. Rothman’s office behind closed doors as I was preparing to leave work. It was required that we check in with Mr. Rothman before leaving to see if he needed anything before we left the office.

Mr. Rothman was in his office with the doors closed, and that generally meant you had to knock first. Without thinking, I opened his office door to say goodbye, and to my surprise, I saw the young boy around 12 to 13 years old at the back of Mr. Rothman’s office.

I knew he was the Chandler boy because that was the only case, to my knowledge, that Mr. Rothman was working on which involved a child.

I was, however, very surprised to see the boy in Mr. Rothman’s office unaccompanied by a parent. The boy, likewise, was surprised when I opened the door. Mr. Rothman snapped at me for entering unannounced. I had not even seen the boy enter Mr. Rothman’s office, nor did Mr. Rothman announce that he was meeting with a child.

It appeared as if the meeting between Mr. Rothman and the boy was a secret.

I glanced at the boy for a second and pretended as though everything was normal before leaving the office. The boy had a puzzled look on his face when I walked into Mr. Rothman’s office.

That made me very suspicious of this meeting between Mr. Rothman and the Chandler boy. I had the most overwhelming feeling that this meeting had some significance to the child molestation allegations and not the custody case that was also going on between the boy’s parents.

[b]This meeting between Mr. Rothman and the Chandler boy took place just before the boy was taken to see the psychiatrist who later reported the sexual molestation charges against Michael Jackson.[/b]

The second time I met the 13-year old boy was after the child molestation allegations hit the media. Dr. Chandler and his son came to our office to hide from the media frenzy that erupted immediately thereafter.

No one was prepared for the public’s response to the allegation. Dr. Chandler was afraid to go home because his yard was crawling with news media and the media was desperately trying to find Dr. Chandler and his son, who were both hiding in our office. Mr. Rothman demanded that I work overtime that evening to type some legal documents for them.

While Mr. Rothman and Dr. Chandler were secretly hashing out details of their next move in the conference room, the boy kept walking back and forth between the conference room and my desk. I remember that he was amazed at my ability to type over 100 words per minute. He asked me, “how can you type so fast?” He kept staring at my keyboard with amazement.

Once, while he was near my desk, I asked him how he was doing. He stated that he was doing fine. While he was observing me, I too, was observing him. He was playing with some toys while listening to a Walkman radio. He seemed to be enjoying himself.

I am not sure if he knew exactly what was going on outside of Mr. Rothman’s office, but at least for the moment he seemed to be having a good time. From all appearances he seemed like a perfectly normal child interested in playing and listening to his music and was curious about everything.

I observed the boy going in and out of the conference room where his father was nervously going round and round with Mr. Rothman. The father was far more nervous than his son. The boy seemed to just stay in his own imaginary world playing, having fun and not seemingly worried about what was going on with the outside world.

…Although I do not have enough psychological experience to know how a child would act who had been sexually abused, I can say that there was nothing abnormal about his behavior, personality or attitude. In fact, he was the one who kept calming and consoling his father, who was a nervous wreck. It appeared as if the boy was protecting his father instead of vice-versa. He was more concerned about his father’s well-being than his own.

(pgs 44-46)

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