Astonishing Admissions from Witnesses- Bullet #182 MAJOR UPDATE

Astonishing Admissions from Prosecution Witness: Accuser’s Stepfather – MJEOL Bullet #182 MAJOR UPDATE

There were real bombshells being dropped in a Santa Maria courthouse today in the Michael Jackson “case”. Jackson’s attorneys have cast an incredibly long shadow of doubt and suspicion over the story(ies) being pushed by prosecutors and the accuser’s family.

Among the bombshells is that sources inside the courtroom report that the familys first civil attorney, William Dickerman, testified to the grand jury that he knew Miller worked for Geragos.

Also among these new details is the admission that the accuser’s stepfather is the one who asked both Jackson and two British journalists for money and other compensation in return for interviews with the family.

It was also revealed in court today that the accuser’s mother was allowed to come and go from Jackson’s Neverland Ranch; even being at the Jackson’s house long after the prosecution is saying a conspiracy around the family began and ended.

And if the preceding wasn’t bad enough, the Santa Barbara Sheriff’s Department at one point had the accuser’s stepfather, Major Jay Jackson, acting as a “confidential agent” and used him to “scope out” private investigator Bradley Miller’s office.


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