Defense Motion to Suppress – Personal Assistant Raid Breaks A/C Priv.

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The Defense’s Motion to Suppress Materials Seized Pursuant to Search Warrant Number 5135 -this is dealing with the illegal raid on Jackson’s personal assistant’s home where they took folders labeled “Mesereau” and a fax addressed to Tom Mesereau, Michael’s attorney -at least 15 items seized were covered by attorney-client privilege -on top of this, there was at least 36 items seized by police that wasn’t even covered by the search warrant -Small excerpt from the file: Law enforcement and the District Attorney continue to attempt to use search warrants, after a case has been filed, and after a client has retained counsel, despite being aware that they run the risk of invading the defense camp. It is particularly peculiar that officers would seek a seek a search warrant such as this, and that the District Attorney would approve of such a warrant, having been put on notice that their prior actions invaded the defense camp. -Small excerpt from the file: When the District Attorney’s office and the law enforcement officers began conducting the search of Mr. Jackson’s personal assistant’s office, they blatantly disregarded the attorney-client and work product privileges and, more critically, the right of a person to the absolute confidentiality of the attorney-client relationship. Items seized that were clearly identifiable as being subject to the attorney-client privilege. These actions denied Mr. Jackson’s fundamental due process rights and impaired his right to the effective assistance of counsel under the Fifth and Sixth Amendments to the United States Constitution. -also includes the Declaration of the personal assistant -going to be used in an upcoming MJEOL Bullet 20 pages

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