Judge Rejects Solid Defense Arguments, 995 Motion – MJEOL Bullet #211

Judge Rejects Solid Defense Arguments, 995 Motion – MJEOL Bullet #211 995 Motion denied even given the admissions of “regrettable” behavior by prosecutors Why is the judge in the Michael Jackson “case” making excuses for prosecutors’ actions? While some may not go that far, other observers found the rulings on the defense’s motions concerning the illegal Miller raid and the 995 Motion to be more than a little “strange.” More about the Miller raid in an upcoming MJEOL Bullet. Judge Rodney Melville, determined to start this trial in January 2005, was probably not going to throw out the prosecution’s indictment even if Tom Sneddon himself dropped his pants and did cartwheels in the middle of the room in front of grand jurors. In his decision, the judge writes, “Some instances remain where it appears that evidentiary objects might well have been sustained in a courtroom.” In other words, there were things done by prosecutors that a judge wouldn’t have allowed to continue if the defense was there and made an objection to it. But hey, that’s ok…according to Melville. However, he then claims that these instances—taken by themselves—weren’t “sufficient to have prejudiced the entire proceeding.” The only problem with that logic is that instance after instance after instance equals a larger situation that taints the proceeding. Maybe the judge didn’t get that point.

MTV Supports Revolting and Patronizing Video against Jackson – MB #210

MTV Supports Revolting and Patronizing Video against Jackson – MJEOL Bullet #210 MTV “losing it” by standing with Eminem’s disgustingly offensive video and song MTV is a “music” station built on the back of Michael Jackson, say observers of the latest controversy dealing with the asinine song and video by pop squeaky-wheel Eminem. For now, the soft-core porn channel–as some smart-alecks like to refer to it—will continue to play the hideous and disgustingly disrespectful Eminem video. Despite BET yanking the garbage from their airwaves, MTV has thus far replied with an insult of their own; claiming Jackson is “losing it” for wanting the video pulled. Jackson has released a statement about this recent situation, saying:

“I am very angry at Eminem’s depiction of me in his video. I feel that it is outrageous and disrespectful. It is one thing to spoof, but it is another to be demeaning and insensitive. “I’ve admired Eminem as a artist, and was shocked by this. The video was inappropriate and disrespectful to me, my children, my family, and the community at large. It is my hope that the other networks will take BET’s lead and pull it.” (see Statements from Jackson and BET Re: Eminem publicity stunt)

This is not shocking coming from MTV, who has been viciously deceitful and disrespectful towards Jackson in the past. What is outright ungrateful is the fact that MTV would not be “MTV” had it not been for Jackson putting the channel on the map with his vast audience base while it was still a fledgling network.